3doodlerThe 3Doolder is a hand-held version of a 3D Printer that allows you to create shapes in the air or on a flat surface. Sub-components can be combined to make larger sculptures. Described as the hot glue gun of 3D printing, this kit will allow librarians to host programs in an individual or group based setting. The pen works by holding down the buttons on the front of the pen; however, the kit does include a foot pedal to use in place of the button if you have patrons that cannot squeeze the button.

Age Range: Teen & Adult Recommended 14+


Plastic Filament – available on their website

Items in Kit:

  • 5 3Doodlers
  • 1 Pedal


Check out the company’s community page for great ideas and tutorials: 3Doodler Website

User Manual


What Can the 3Doodler Do? // 3D Printing Pen Review

3Doodler 2.0 Launch Video